Firm Services

I walk my clients through a step-by-step process to develop a financial and retirement strategy personalized for their specific objectives. This process not only focuses on asset management but places special emphasis on retirement income planning. Each client will have an  investment strategy and income plan custom designed to assist them with their vision and objectives.  

The process is designed to seek a mutual understanding of your unique needs and involves many steps such as:


  • Financial consultation
  • Risk tolerance evaluation
  • Goal determination and prioritization
  • Current portfolio review and analysis
  • Diversification and asset allocation 
  • Account consolidation with easy to understand reports                                 
  • Retirement planning and strategies
  • Income analysis for both tax-free and taxable needs
  • Institutional money manager evaluation and selection
  • IRA, SEP and Simple IRA Plans
  • College expense planning

After the plan is established there is ongoing monitoring and review to keep your plan updated.

In addition to the above mentioned services, I also build personalized portfolios for my clients that seek tax-free income. Each portfolio is constructed with investments that are tailored to specific needs, risk levels and market conditions. Over a long number of years, I have developed a network of bond professionals specifically to assist me in providing tax-free income to my clients. If this is of interest to you, please contact me for further information.

I have the designation as a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor® from the College for Financial Planning and can assist you with your specific retirement needs and planning both before and during retirement. Specialized retirement planning includes such items as:

  • Planning for multiple goals and time horizons
  • Evaluation of retirement income sources
  • Retirement cash flow considerations
  • Social Security and Medicare discussions
  • Examination of employer sponsored retirement plans and distribution options
  • Deferred compensation planning and integration
  • Considerations for incapacity, disability and long-term care
  • Estate and/or gifting plans

My objective is to assist you with the formation, planning, implementation and monitoring of your financial assets and retirement needs to help in the pursuit of your financial goals. 

There are often other very important elements to total wealth management, besides financial and retirement planning. The most common areas of concern are:

  • Mitigation of taxes*
  • Taking care of heirs*
  • Creation of personal trusts*
  • Charitable giving*
  • Specific insurance needs*

It is my feeling that complete wealth management is best achieved using a team of qualified professionals. Because each of these above areas of professional specialization are full time occupations I feel this team approach offers the most comprehensive solution to the varied needs  clients may face. I use a variety of professionals that I am happy to refer you to if you need any of their services. We can even arrange a meeting with several of them at once if you would like.

*Please note that these are independent professionals that I work with but I receive no compensation from or have any other participation in any of their businesses.